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Too many eggs, not enough cooks: Sullivan poultry farm feeling hurt—Times Herald-Record—April 17, 2020

"Dan Brey’s 240,000 Leghorns are laying eggs like there’s no pandemic.

As well they should. Brey’s Egg Farm, after all, is an essential business in the coronavirus era – not to mention the last bastion of Sullivan County’s once-legendary egg and poultry industry."

Meet the Farmers—The Incredible Egg—April, 2019

"Vanessa is particularly proud of the care taken with the farm’s hens. “I love that I know I’m taking care of my chickens. They have a good home here,” she said."

Where an Entire Day’s Worth of Food Came From—Grub Street—December 26, 2018

"One of these farms is Brey’s Egg Farm in Sullivan County. Owner Daniel Brey receives 96,000 Leghorn chicks from Hy-Line three times a year. (Leghorn chickens are remarkably prolific layers.)"



Farm Spotlight: Brey’s Egg Farm p.20—Cornell University Extension Connection Newsletter—March 2018

"Brey’s Eggs are New York Grown and Certified, meaning that their farm meets quality environmental and food safety standards."

Where to Eat Deviled Eggs Sourced From Local Farms—Edible Manhattan—November 8, 2017

"The Upper West Side’s Jacob’s Pickles serves deviled eggs with chives and paprika. The restaurants sources the foundation of this dish from family-owned and operated, Brey’s Egg Farm in upstate New York.”

Sullivan County Backyard Farms—HauteLife—June 23, 2014

"Danny Brey is a fourth-generation egg producer and one of only two major commercial egg producers south of Albany. In turn, he supports other local farmers by having them grow corn specifically for his chickens that he takes and mills on his property."

Other Things:

Is the Egg Sitter Cushion as Effective as It Looks on TV? Inside Edition Puts It to the Test—Inside Edition—May 30, 2018


Barnstorm XX – Brey’s Egg Farm—Andrea Morales Portfolio: The Eddie Adams Workshop

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