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Poultry Manure

Every farmer knows there is value to a good fertilizer. What started as a method for reuse and re-purpose of poultry manure has now grown into an important part of Brey’s Egg Farm. Poultry manure is removed regularly from all four of the farm’s hen houses to be used as fertilizer by the farm and customers. Brey’s Egg Farm only uses and sells dry poultry manure in three forms: raw manure, compost, and topsoil. All blends are processed and created using local and natural ingredients and are for sale by yard.

To purchase poultry manure, compost, or topsoil

call us on the farm (845) 482 5464


A pure form of fertilizer, manure is collected straight from the hen house. 

Brey’s Egg Farm only sells manure in its dry form.


Makeup: Dry poultry manure

Properties: High in nitrogen and phosphorus

Uses: Fertilizing gardens, vegetables, and fields.


Poultry Manure, Raw Manure


Our Top Seller!
Compost, Poultry Compost

A blend of poultry and cow manure with organic matter sourced from the farm’s property. Once materials are blended, the compost is then aged, turned, and screened on a schedule to create a final product.

Makeup: Chicken manure, cow manure, hay, and wood chips.

Properties:  Nitrogen and organic matter

Uses: A strong fertilizer that is mixed with existing soil before application to revitalize the land. Works well for gardens, fruit trees, vegetables, and lawns.



A blend of compost and fine quality soil sourced from Brey’s farm land. After the blending process, topsoil is screened to produce a fine fertile soil without bulky debris.

Makeup: Fine soil, sand, and compost

Uses: Replacement for soil in gardens and flowers. Great for fixing lawns.

Topsoil, Poultry Topsoil

To purchase poultry manure, compost, or topsoil

call us on the farm (845) 482 5464

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