Onsite Wednesday Egg Sales

by the half case (15 dozen)

Every first and third Wednesday, 9am to 12pm

Current Availability for Onsite Egg Sales 

first and third Wednesday

updated 6/7/2021

Half cases (15 dozen) ONLY:

Jumbo Carton for $22
XLarge Carton for $23
Large Carton for $20

Medium Carton for $17

Double Yolks for $17

Please call (845) 482 5464 to place your order

You must place your order in advance to be guaranteed eggs, you will be told exact total cost

Wednesday Egg Sales Etiquette

  • Wear a face mask

  • Drive slow when on farm property

  • Bring exact change for your egg order (we don't have ability to issue change)

  • Do not ask Brey's Egg Farm staff to place egg cases in your car

Ask for Brey's Eggs

Can't find our eggs in your local grocery store? 

Check with your store manager to request locally grown products, such as Brey's Eggs! 


p: (845) 482 5464 

607 Swiss Hill Rd

Jeffersonvile, NY 12748