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Local Eggs

Sullivan County, New York was at one point home to over 100 chicken farms; from professional back yard flocks to multi-coop operations. In 2014 Brey's Egg Farm became the last egg farm in the county. Our family farm has made it this far because of hard work and a keen attention to quality of of products and quality of life we offer our hens. 

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Egg Quality

Brey's hens are fed a balanced diet, including calcium and protein, which produces a strong and hard egg shell. When cooking with Brey's Eggs you will notice upon cracking that the shell is of great quality. Other qualities of a Brey's Egg are a tall yolk and a uniformed white. Not to mention great flavor!

Eggs on Brey’s Egg Farm are produced, collected, cleaned, and packaged 6 days a week abiding by the standards set forth by the USDA, FDA Egg Safety Final Rule, and the New York State and Federal Department of Health. After packaging, all eggs are stored in a cooler for a max of 5 days at 45 degrees Fahrenheit before being transported to a store, bakery, or distributor in the tri-state area. Eggs distributed within Sullivan County leave our premises within one day of being laid to be utilized by local stores and businesses. Brey’s Egg Farm also produces in accordance with New York State’s Egg Quality Program and is a long time member of the American Egg Board.

White Egg, Eggs for Sale

Egg Production

Our hens are Leghorns, a breed of chicken that is prized for its ability to naturally produce high quantity and quality of egg. A historic bird, the Leghorn has held a role in the United State’s egg industry since the 1800s. Leghorns lay white eggs; an egg's size is based on the age of the chicken. The youngest hens lay sizes Peewee (mostly used by bakers), Small, Double Yolk (which have two yolks!), and Medium. The most mature hens lay sizes Large, xLarge, and Jumbo. Leghorns lay averagely 1 egg per day, on Brey's Egg Farm we oversee the production of 228,000 eggs per day (or 19.000 dozen!). 

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High-Quality Feed

Brey’s Egg Farm raises our hens from one day old and their lives are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by farm staff and a high tech alarm system. Their feed mixture is blended onsite by farm staff daily and uses locally sourced grains and minerals to ensure that the freshest & healthiest ingredients are fed to our hens. Because feed is made on the farm premises, we measure out all ingredients to make sure the chickens receive the correct vitamins and nutrients necessary during each stage of their development.

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