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Eggs, Brey's Egg Farm, White Eggs

Onsite Egg Sales

Onsite egg sales every first and third Wednesday.

Call the Farm (845) 482-5464 to place your order.


Compost & Topsoil Sales

Chicken manure-based compost or topsoil is a good nutrient boost for vegetable and ornamental gardens. 

Call the Farm at (845) 482-5464 to purchase!

cropped meat.JPG

Grass-Fed Beef

We have beef quarters, halves, and fulls available.

All cuts are vacuum sealed and frozen. 

Call the Farm at (845) 482-5464 to purchase!

William Brey, Kenoza Lake, Leghorns, Jeffersonville

Brey's Egg Farm is a fourth-generation farm, founded in 1932. Today, Daniel Brey, his wife Nancy, and their daughter Vanessa oversee the daily production of 19,000 dozen eggs and the care of 350,000 chickens and 50 Hereford cows.

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