From start to finish Brey’s Egg Farm prides itself on supplying a high quality egg packed with nutrients and flavor. By blending our chicken’s feed mixture from scratch on site, our hens get the proper nutrients and vitamins they deserve at every stage in life. Every egg is inspected to ensure only the highest quality products are packaged for our customers. Click the button to learn more.

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Pre-Order Beef

We raise our Hereford beef cows on a diet of grass with a corn finish. 

Submit a request to reserve your beef for March 2021--hurry we expect to sell out! 

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Onsite Egg Sales

Get local eggs into your fridge!

First & Third Wednesdays, 9am to 12pm

Call the Farm at (845) 482-5464 to place an order!

William Brey, Kenoza Lake, Leghorns, Jeffersonville

Brey's Egg Farm is a fourth-generation farm, founded in 1932. Today, Daniel Brey, his wife Nancy, and their daughter Vanessa oversee the daily production of 19,000 dozen eggs and the care of 350,000 chickens and 50 Hereford cows.

est. 1932
607 Swiss Hill Rd
Jeffersonville NY 12748
phone: (845) 482 5464    fax: (845) 482 5422
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