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What started as Dan's hobby 20 years ago, owning Hereford has grown to become one of the four products offered by Brey's Egg Farm. Our beef is USDA certified and available for purchase; we also sell live Herefords.

Vanessa Brey, beef, hereford, grass fed beef
The Cows

For 20 years Dan Brey has steadily grown his herd at a healthy rate. The maximum number of Herefords that will reside on the 30 acres of land is 50. In fall 2016 the herd was made of 22 cows, 20 calves, and 2 bulls. Select, Brey's Egg Farm Herefords are registered with the American Hereford Association. 

Beef, Hereford
The Land

Our cows are free to roam on 30 acres of diverse land. The land offers cows natural shelter from the elements in the form of two wooded areas (made up of predominantly pine trees). The farm has also built two new covered barns which offer the cows protection from the cold and windy winters if they need it.

Hereford, Grass fed, beef, cow, winter

Brey's Egg Farm Herefords are grass fed with a corn finish. Our cows mostly graze in their pasture on the grasses that grow in the fields naturally. As a manufacturer of second cutting hay, silage, and first cutting hay; we offer these hays to our cows throughout the year; mostly in the winter months when the ground is frozen. Our fields and hay are 100% naturally occurring and pesticide free.

While 90% of our cows diet is grass, a mere 10% of a Hereford's diet is corn, our steers that are on a path for slaughter are always corn finished. The corn is locally sourced and is the same corn fed to our chickens.

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