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Beef Cuts

Our beef is USDA certified, antibiotic free, pasture raised with a diet of grass with a corn finish.

Beef cuts are available for sale by the full, half, or quarter. 

Our beef cuts are made up of 40% ground beef, 30% steaks, 20% other cuts (chuck, roasts, briskets, short ribs, etc.), 5% bones, and 5% offal. 

Pricing is by the pound and includes butchering, cutting and packaging fees. 

Call the Farm 845-482-5464 for the current price per pound.

What is hanging weight?

Our beef have an average hanging weight of 650 lbs; hanging weight is the weight of the beef after it has arrived at the butcher, but before the cuts are removed and is weight you will pay for.

For example a half cow has a hanging weight of 325 lbs x price per lb = price paid. 

How We Care For Our Cows

Cow care and livelihood of our cows is managed by Dan's daughter Vanessa Olsen. She raises every cow from birth and oversees the selection of cows for butchering and sale. Our cows enjoy roaming our fields and get a majority of their diet from grass and hay. Learn more about their diet by following the button below. 

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