Beef Cuts

Our beef is USDA certified, antibiotic free, pasture raised with a diet of grass with a corn finish.

Beef cuts are available for sale by the full, half, or quarter. 

We are currently taking pre-orders. Beef cuts are available in March 2021 for pickup.

Our beef cuts are made up of 40% ground beef, 30% steaks, 20% other cuts (chuck, roasts, briskets, short ribs, etc.), 5% bones, and 5% offal. 

Pricing is by the pound and includes butchering, cutting and packaging fees. 

2020/2021 pricing is $3.65 per pound hanging weight

What is hanging weight?

Our beef have an average hanging weight of 650 lbs; hanging weight is the weight of the beef after it has arrived at the butcher, but before the cuts are removed and is weight you will pay for.

For example a half cow has a hanging weight of 325 lbs x price per lb = price paid. 


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