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Seasonal Frittata

3 cups seasonal vegetables 1 package breakfast sausage cooked & drained 4 TB ½ & ½ or heavy cream 12 eggs 1 c grated cheese 2 TB Olive oil

Salt & pepper Add oil to frying pan (if you own a cast iron or other oven safe pan use this, if not we will transfer mixture to a baking pan or pie dish)

Add vegetables, S & P

Cook until soft 5 minutes

Add cooked sausage

Add eggs, cheese, ½ & ½

If pan is oven safe:

Cook for about 5 minutes, until you see bubbles on top

Cook for 10-15 minutes at 350° F

If pan is not oven safe:

Transfer mixture to an oven safe baking pan or pie dish

Put in oven and cook for for 30 minutes at 350° F

Notes: For vegetables: I used peppers, green & red, Red onion, broccoli, tomatoes.

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