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No Shortage of Eggs

at Brey's Egg Farm

Brey's Egg Farm remains open and operating at full capacity as an essential service. Our chickens continue to lay eggs at a steady rate and in order to process our eggs and care for our animals we have retained all of our employees. The farm produces many products, but eggs make up 99.9% of the revenue stream. However, as a result of the coronavirus the demand for our eggs has mostly disappeared.


80% of our customers are restaurants and restaurant suppliers, but because of the restaurant shut-down stipulated by the Governors in the tri-state area 60,000 dozen eggs per week have no where to be sold to.


The remaining 20% of our customers are local grocery stores and markets within Sullivan County. Grocery stores have a high demand for eggs and as a result we have changed our packaging method so eggs can be sold as individual dozens. However, our grocery store customers are limited to a small pool of stores in Sullivan County. These stores are unable to take enough eggs to use up the massive surplus of eggs.

How You Can Help


If you don't see Brey's Egg Farm for sale at your local grocery store, ask the manager to start carrying our eggs

Grocery stores and other essential businesses: 

Contact Brey's Egg Farm to carry our eggs

845.482.5464 or email


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